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Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Senior Corporate Agent

Family Members: William Fowler, Joyce Sadler, William Fowler, Jr., Robert Fowler, Kimberly Fowler.


Don't believe anyone can predict the future? Don't tell Stephen Fowler that - minutes before the iWon $10 Million drawing was held, he was asked if he thought he would win. He said he was sure of it.

iWon: Why did you feel so confident?
Stephen: Just fate. I've always believed you have to be positive. Over the weekend here in New York, I was just trying to keep my mind off of the drawing, just trying to remove any doubt that I'd lose. It's important to stay upbeat and confident.

How does it feel having a camera crew following you around everywhere you go?
It's surreal. Definitely surreal. It's been this way from Thursday morning until now. (Five days.) I had a camera crew in my room at 6:15 this morning.

Will you continue working?
Without a doubt. Although I have to admit, I wasn't very productive at work on Thursday and Friday!

My job gives me something to continue doing with my time, and allows me to keep my mind sharp and focused. And I'm fortunate enough to have a job I really enjoy. I've wanted it since I was 18. My boss and everyone at work - they are absolutely having a ball with this...

I grew up in a small town in Delaware. Flashing red light, convenience store, and not much else. I went to a small town college, got my MBA, and started working with UPS a couple years ago.

UPS employs about 300,000 people, and I think I've gotten calls from all of them over the past few days wanting to know what this iWon thing is all about and how it works.

Will you continue using iWon now that you've struck it rich?
Absolutely. I use it nearly every day, and sometimes on the weekend. I came upon iWon not long after the site started in 1999. I read a business news article about it, and the business model made a lot of sense. I'm a trader and from the risk-rewards perspective that traders always look at, I saw plenty of reward potential - and no risk!

I'm a news junkie, and with my job I have to keep up with events all over the world. Plus I enjoy checking other things, too, like sports, market quotes, looking up phone numbers, but the bulk of it is reading news stories.

Here's the $10 Million question: what plans do you have for the money?
It'll probably take a few days for the storm of excitement to pass before I make any rational decisions... but I plan to go house shopping. I currently live in an apartment. And I also want to upgrade my 1999 Dodge Stratus to something a little nicer.

What did you do in New York City over the weekend?
I spent most of Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's just amazing. I also milled around Little Italy and Chinatown, and had dinner with friends. Last night I ate at Rosie O'Gradys in Times Square

Last night was difficult getting to sleep, actually. It took me three hours. When the call came early this morning, it was a little too early.

Who have you called so far?
Really only my mother. I asked her if she was ready to retire. She said no, but if the day came where she wanted to go to a retirement home, it had better be a nice one!


Book: The Killer Angels

TV Show: Most shows on Discovery Channel

Movie: "Dangerous Liaisons"

Actor: John Malkovich

Actress: Julia Roberts

Musician/Group: Andrea Bocelli

Food: Steak

Quote: "Attack! Always attack!" -- Napoleon Bonaparte


Who would you like to say a special "Hi" to? My family, friends and the entire group at UPS.

Heroes: Jimmy Carter

Hobbies/Interest: Golf, reading, travel, movies

After you won, who was the first person you told? My Mother

What do you like most about iWon? The easy-to-view summary of news stories and articles.

Congratulations Stephen!

Congratulations, Stephen, and welcome to iWon's family of winners.

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